Tips to Stay Productive During Self Isolation

tips-stay-productive-during-self-isolationHello Sunshine!

We made a quick list for you to keep your focus and productivity while staying home. It all comes down to filling up your days with productive tasks. Embrace this time and make your own routines towards better, happier and healthier days!

#1 Start every morning preparing a delicious and nutritious breakfast 

Take this time to make healthy meals and nurture your body, so that you feel good, healthy and strong.

 #2 Try to stay active and move a little

Explore YouTube home workouts and get your active mood ON. Change up your workouts a little everyday, if you get easily bored. At least commit yourself do it a couple times during the week.  

 #3 Be productive while working from home

Keep your focus, be productive, efficient, and get things done. If you need, adjust the place you’re working in to make you focus better.

#4 Read a book

Take this time at home to learn and discover new things

#5 Organize, clean, declutter

Look around your home and see what it needs to be done, or even make little improvements to make your place more cosy and nice place to be in.

#6 Make your own lists

Set your notebook or your jornal and get listing! Make lists of your favorite things you want to do, or you need to do, and just check each item, one at a time.

 #7 Pamper yourself

It’s so important to take time to take care of yourself. Enjoy your time and relax, either by making an at home SPA night, or by meditating. Anything that makes you feel like you’re really taking care of yourself.


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