The Ultimate Holiday Packing List - What The Fashion Girl Needs To Pack

One thing that most of us love is to travel. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning for a summer holiday ou just a city-break, the travel excitement is the same! Imagine the cool places to visit, the greatest adventures, the delicious food and the hotel rooms. 

But what most of us don’t get excited about, is to know what to pack for those days. Thinking about all the things we might need or not, and trying to not forget the important stuff could be really stressing. We’ve been there, we feel the struggle, and the stress is real! 

The best game plan is to have your holiday packing list prepared with everything you’ll need. Here are a few tips to stay stress-free on your next travel.

#1 Check the weather - this will help you decide your outfit choices for every day.

#2 Try on all your outfit choices for each day, including accessories - If you try every outfit before, and take a picture with your phone, you will not only save space in your bag because you’ll pack only what you need, but you also be very relaxed every morning when getting ready. 

#3 Choose an everyday bag that is travel-friendly - Choose a bag that besides being cute and going perfectly with every outfit, you can also wear comfortably all day long, and fit in there all you daily travel essentials. 

#4 Beauty products - Make sure to include all your beauty products, for skin, hair and body and makeup essentials as well. Always look for the travel size packages you might have at home that will save you space.

#5 Essentials for the flight - There’s always something you may need for the flight, so make sure to think about that.

If you plan everything before on your packing list, it will be effortless and even fun to pack while dreaming about the amazing days you’re about to have.

Print and keep this holiday packing list with you:Holiday-packing-list-fashion-girlHoliday-packing-list-fashion-girlHoliday-packing-list-fashion-girl-travel-bag


Have fun on your trip! Enjoy everything and make the best memories!

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