Everything That Needs To Be In Your Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Ever wondered how to master the art of the perfect Spring capsule wardrobe? The secret is actually pretty simple: focus on key pieces that work beautifully together, and that you can mix and match to create looks that are appropriate for different occasions.

Your pieces need to be versatile and timeless on top of being super cute.

We have put together our 3 main tips for when you’re deciding what to include in your spring capsule wardrobe.

1. Timeless pieces – this one is huge when you’re trying to get your perfect Spring capsule wardrobe. Think about it this way, you want to focus on pieces that basically go with everything and that will resist the test of time, and also trends. Because even when a new season arrives, with the hottest and latest trends, your timeless pieces will still feel like fresh, and will still make a unique statement in your style.

And along with this tip of choosing timeless pieces, our next tip for your perfect capsule collection is choosing versatile pieces.

2. Versatile pieces – versatility is key. Versatility should be the main focus because, since you are creating your capsule wardrobe, you should make smart choices, looking for pieces that will easily transition between day looks, evening looks or more casual looks.

Versatile pieces will become true icons in your closet. You will find yourself gravitating towards then every other day, since they pretty much go perfectly with everything.

3. Top-quality, long-lasting pieces – since you’re making efforts to build your ultimate Spring capsule wardrobe, one thing that is important to keep in mind is investing in quality pieces – quality over quantity.

When you mix and match your pieces wisely, the overall final result of your look will always benefit when you incorporate some quality pieces. You can easily make a basic white t-shirt look like a million bucks if you accessorize it with the right accessories. A nice statement bag, and other small details can make all the difference and improve your look from cute, to absolutely stunning!          

So, now that we have our 3 main tips all clear, here’s everything that needs to be in your Spring capsule wardrobe:

1. A blazer
2. Leather Jacket
3. Denim Jeans
4. A Feminine Spring Dress
5. Everyday bag – Top-Handle Bag
6. The Perfect Sneakers
7. A Pair of Staple Boots
8. White T-shirt
9. White Blouse
10. Sunglasses






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