8 Things To Do When You’re Bored At Home - Outdoor Activities

It’s been a while since quarantine days, and day by day you may be wondering what else can you do around the house to entertain yourself. You probably already watched all your favourite TV shows and movies, ate all the delicious snacks you could find on your fridge and your pantry - you know you shouldn’t, but…. oh well! - made banana bread a thousand times, invented more coffee recipes than Starbucks, made funny TikTok videos and you’re still feeling a little… bored? 

To satisfy your cravings for more fun things to do, why not enjoy the warm Spring days, and use the outdoor space in your house? Get your daily vitamin D and breathe a lot of fresh air. Changing up your daily routine will feel good and exciting! 

Choose one of these activities for each day of your week and go have some fun! 

1. Eat your lunch outdoors

Enjoy your next meal outdoors and get your daily vitamin D at the same time.

 2. Start gardening

Start a small garden on your backyard or just on your windowsill. It’s been proven that reduces stress and also you may find a new hobby in your life. 

3. Go for your daily walk

Go explore your neighbourhood and take a look at the beautiful colors of Spring.

4. Go for a bike ride

Make a variation on your workout routine and go for a bike ride instead.  


5. Take your pet to the park

Go with your dog outside and enjoy this small moment outside.

6. Take a drive

Since the streets are empty, you can enjoy the views without stressing about the traffic. All you need is a cool playlist and you’re ready to have a blast with a karaoke session.

7. Go to the Supermarket

These days, going to the supermarket feels like the event of the week. Well, make the most of it and dress up cute even if it’s just for getting groceries!

8. Eat dinner under the sunset

Dress up like you would for an actual fancy dinner. Don’t forget to take a picture and to share it! We’d love to see! 


Try any of these activities and make your day more fun while you're at home!

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